Endorsements and Support

Learn more about Patti’s support in the community. 

Letter of support from Sheriff Shane Nelson

“Commissioner Adair thank you for your ongoing support of public support safety and our Sheriff’s Office. Patti, you have been a great partner to the Sheriff’s Office as we continue investing in ways to increase our proactivity as a law enforcement agency and enhance livability.

Your vote to support our employee’s contract, and our annual budget with prior tax cuts, helps us recruit for and retain quality professionals to serve our community in a time here law enforcement agencies are having a difficult time filling position. This ensure we have a fully funded office so we can continue to provide excellent public safety and customer service.

Thank you for being a partner in addressing ways to mitigate homelessness and protect the rights of residents and property owners. It is important to support resources for addiction, mental health, and homelessness so that individuals have a path to improve their lives. It is equally important to support the enforcement of the law to guide those individuals to use resources or hold them accountable if they choose not to obey the law.

Your continued support of the office and public safety is valued. Your ongoing support of the Stabilization Center continues to help keep individuals out of the criminal justice system when appropriate, offering them opportunities to overcome addiction and mental health challenges that will help them improve their lives and reduce contacts with law enforcement.

 Sometimes as elected officials we may not hear about the thanks for great partnerships. Thank you for your partnership and ongoing support of public safety.”

Kelly Simmelink                 Jefferson County Commissioner                        

 “I have the distinct privilege to work closely with Deschutes County Commissioner Patti Adair.   She is truly a leader amongst leaders both in her own community and at the State and Federal Level.  Commissioner Adair makes it a priority to educate herself on issues that affect Central Oregonians and works diligently to solve the core problem.  Commissioner Adair is very active in advocating for solid, sound outcomes for her constituents at the State and Federal level and makes herself extremely accessible to her communities.   I strongly support the re-election of Commissioner Patti Adair for Deschutes County.”

Dick Tobiason                    Founder & Chair Bend Heroes Foundation
                                                      Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel
                                                      Vietnam War Veteran
                                                      Veteran Advocate                                             

“For years, Patti’s advocated for veterans and the homeless.  Patti’s role was significant in  launching the Central Oregon Veterans Village project with her problem-solving and ingenuity.  Patti is always there to honor veterans and our nation by helping display American flags on Patriotic occasions in Bend.
                                     Our community needs Patti!”

Joyce Warring                    Community Member                                          

“I have known Patti for almost 20 years. I trust her to make the best decisions for this county. Patti is the hardest working, the most energetic, happy person I know and we are blessed to have her working for Deschutes county and for our best interest. Integrity is important to me and Patti has my vote! We must do everything we can to help her win re-election as county commissioner.”

Daniel Bonham               State Representative House District 59

Matt Cyrus                        Oregon Family Farm Association

Lynn Findley                     Senator District 30

Eric Hardenbrook            Business Owner, Hardenbrook Hardwoods

Vikki Breese-Iverson      Oregon House of Representatives

Todd Kane                         MBA, MEd, M.ScIT

Tim Knopp                        Senator,  District 27

                                            Executive Vice President of the Oregon  Builders                                                Association
                                            The Executive Director of Building Partners for –                                                Affordable Housing, non-profit

                                            First Story Board Member 

Sean Neary                      Fitch & Neary, PC

Mark Owens                     State Representative House District 60

Michael Sipe                     State Representative House District 53 Candidate

Matt Thomas                   Business Owner, Subaru of Bend